Medical Malpractice Injury Attorneys in Chattanooga

Most doctors and nurses are professionals dedicated to providing high-quality medical care, but when a mistake happens, the results can be catastrophic. That is why victims of medical malpractice deserve answers. They are also entitled to compensation for their medical costs, lost income, and pain and suffering. Families of deceased victims can claim compensation as well.

At Houston & Alexander, PLLC, our attorneys have 40 years of combined legal experience. We work to obtain compensation and justice for medical malpractice victims and their families in cases involving:

  • Doctor error
  • Nursing error
  • Surgical error
  • Wrong-site surgery
  • Foreign object left in body
  • Failure to diagnose cancer or any serious disease
  • Misdiagnosis
  • OB/GYN error
  • Birth injury
  • Medication error
  • Emergency room (ER) error
  • And other acts of medical negligence

Building A Strong Case

Success in a medical malpractice case requires careful case preparation. Medical providers and insurance companies are aggressive when defending their interests.

At Houston & Alexander, PLLC, we are experienced trial attorneys who understand how to demonstrate negligence on the part of a doctor, hospital or medical provider. Consulting with leading medical experts and specialists, we will determine what exactly happened and who was responsible.

We will also learn how the event has affected your life. Our firm will calculate your financial losses and lost earnings. We will also take into account noneconomic losses such as pain and suffering as well as medical damages when preparing a claim on your behalf.

Free Consultation With One Of Our Lawyers

To schedule your free consultation, please call us in Red Bank at 423-267-6715 or contact us online. Our Chattanooga-based firm represent clients in eastern Tennessee and northern Georgia.

Medical Malpractice Injury Attorneys in Chattanooga Tennessee