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If you are charged with a serious crime, it is important to know your rights and options. If the crime is a federal offense, it’s equally important to understand how the federal criminal justice system operates.

It’s important to note that being serious in nature doesn’t automatically make a crime a federal offense.

For example, murder is almost always a state crime unless there is a federal connection, such as the murder of an on-duty federal official.

Generally, the “feds” will only get involved if the crime involves interstate commerce, a federal agent, federal property, or a federal entity. Just because a case is a “felony” that does not make it a “federal” offense.

If you face federal criminal charges, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced attorney immediately.

Federal Charges

Federal charges are prosecuted in a federal court with a federal judge and United States Attorneys in charge of the prosecution.

Each state has its own rules for handling the criminal process, and these rules may or may not be similar to federal rules.

Some states punish certain crimes more harshly than the federal government, and the exact opposite treatment may be true in other states.

Generally, federal charges carry more potential prison time and are much more difficult and time-consuming to handle than state charges.

Any crime can be tried in federal court if federal prosecutors take an interest. However, generally, more serious crimes will be tried federally, and the venue brings with it more serious penalties, including jail time.

The severity of the situation means that you need strong and experienced representation on your side.

At Houston & Alexander, PLLC we serve our community by offering seasoned legal representation in a variety of areas.

Should your situation require representation in federal court, you can rely on us to provide vigorous defense backed by years of experience.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys in Chattanooga Tennessee

Lengthy Experience Fighting Federal Charges

We have extensive experience and successfully defended against a broad range of federal criminal charges, especially those including:

These matters are serious, and a conviction carries with it consequences that can last a lifetime. Jail time, expensive fines, and a severe blow to your reputation will affect both you and your loved ones. Ease your mind by getting efficient, effective representation.

At Houston & Alexander, PLLC our attorneys will ease your mind by giving straightforward counsel, giving you the benefit of our years of experience. We will tell you what you’re up against and what you can expect throughout the process. You and your family can relax knowing that your case is in good hands.

Choosing the Right Federal Criminal Law Firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A federal investigation concerns itself specifically with suspected violations of federal United States law. Law enforcement agents of the United States may conduct these types of investigations as part of an ongoing law enforcement operation. There are many federal agencies that participate in conducting an investigative operation, such as federal task forces, fieldwork, data analysis, evidence collection, field surveillance, amongst other investigation efforts.

Within the United States, there are dozens of federal agencies that can possibly lead and conduct an investigation of either you or your business. If any of the following agencies have to contact you for an interview then you may be suspected of a federal crime warranting an investigation.

  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
  • Drug Enforcement Administration – DEA
  • Environmental Protection Agency – EPA
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation – FBI
  • Health and Human Services – HHS
  • Homeland Security Investigations
  • Immigration & Customs Enforcement – ICE
  • Internal Revenue Service – IRS
  • Marshals Service
  • Postal Service – USPS
  • Secret Service

The United States federal sentencing guidelines allow for very heavy penalties to be imposed up anyone convicted of federal crimes, doesn’t matter if it is a drug crime, weapons crime, sex crimes, or fraud. There are 43 points to the sentencing guidelines for federal offenses. The points vary the sentencing based on whether you have had any prior convictions or record. Once established, a sentence can range from 0 to 6 months up to life in prison.

There are many crimes that allow a sentencing judge to increase the penalties beyond the federal sentencing guidelines. Hate crimes, crimes against vulnerable victims, such as children, the elderly or disabled, and official terrorist acts are a few examples of crimes that can have an increased sentence. Other crimes that could have increased sentencing are abduction and extreme psychological injury resulting from torture or mental abuse.

The answer here will depend on the details surrounding the case that is being built around you or your business and will ultimately fall unto the judge presiding over your case to make the decision on bail. The judge’s decision will be based on various factors such as the nature of the crime, the weight of evidence, any prior offenses, and whether or not you pose any level of danger to the community.

Houston & Alexander, PLLC are vigilant and experienced protectors of the rights of those accused of criminal offenses in federal court. You have very specific rights under the US Constitution and we are tenacious in protecting those rights. If you are arrested and charged with a federal crime we will first and foremost establish whether you were the victim of a rights violation in any part of the arrest and evidence gathering process. This may seem like the obvious first step but you would be very surprised as to how often a person’s rights have been violated leading up to the arrest.

When any violation or errors arise we start by taking immediate actions. Whether the issue is illegally conducted investigations, wiretaps, surveillance, or search & seizure we at Houston & Alexander will act immediately. We will move forward by thoroughly reviewing the rest of the evidence that led to your arrest. We are professional, dedicated, and have a successful track record that can not be denied.