Fraud & White Collar Crime Criminal Defense Attorneys in Chattanooga

White collar crimes encompass a variety of offenses all of which have a financial component. Often, individuals who are accused of committing these types of crimes work in positions – such as management and accounting – where they have access to sensitive financial information. The circumstances involved in white collar criminal matters are often complex and must be thoroughly considered and investigated.

At Houston & Alexander, PLLC, we have extensive experienced successfully defending against a broad range of white collar criminal charges, related to:

  • Fraud – Including health care, Medicare, banking records, investments and mortgages
  • Embezzlement – Involving financial assets and property
  • Identity theft – Involving Social Security numbers, financial and health care records
  • Money laundering – Involving other criminal acts and tax evasion

White Collar Crimes Carry Serious Penalties

White collar crimes are charged as felonies and individuals who are convicted of these types of crimes face significant penalties, including thousands of dollars in fines and a lengthy prison sentence. If you suspect or know that you are under investigation for committing a financial crime, it is important to reach out to an attorney at our law office for help.

Our skilled defense attorneys will work to ensure that your rights are respected and protected. In the event that you are formally charged with fraud or tax evasion, we will provide the strong legal advocacy and representation you need to overcome the legal challenges that lay ahead.

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Fraud & White Collar Crime Defense Attorneys in Chattanooga Tennessee