Theft, Burglary, & Robbery Criminal Defense Attorneys in Chattanooga

Have you been arrested for theft or burglary? If so, you need effective legal representation as soon as possible. Timely legal counsel can help ensure you have the greatest opportunity for favorable outcomes. Without the legal advice you need at this time, you are facing the real possibility of a conviction and jail time.

Face Your Legal Matter With Our Trial Attorneys On Your Side

Johnny Houston and Bret Alexander each have more than 40 years of criminal defense experience. In addition, Johnny Houston serves as an elected Judge in Red Bank, Tennessee. Bret Alexander’s career includes years working as a federal prosecutor and an assistant district attorney for the Hamilton County District Attorney’s office. Our legal team has the insight and unparalleled experience to defend any criminal charge.

Our firm defends people in eastern Tennessee and northern Georgia charged with theft crimes and related crimes such as:

  • Shoplifting
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • White-collar crimes
  • Embezzlement
  • Employee theft

Our Approach To Theft Crimes Defense

It is important to seek legal representation quickly after you have been arrested or charged. Attempting to represent yourself is a mistake and could land you in jail.

Our attorneys will carefully review all of the evidence in your misdemeanor or felony theft case, as well as relevant issues of law. We will keep you informed of your rights and work hard to preserve your freedom and reputation and a clean record.

In a number of cases, we have been able to persuade the prosecutor not to charge a person or to file a lesser charge. But this requires timely action because there is only a short window of opportunity before the prosecutor makes a decision.

Alternatives To Jail And Conviction

If you have been accused but not arrested on suspicion of a white-collar crime such as embezzlement of company funds or a nonprofit organization’s funds, we strongly urge you to contact us and learn how we can help at this early stage. When an attorney is on the case before an arrest occurs, a restitution arrangement between the accused and the alleged victims may avert criminal charges altogether.

In some theft cases, particularly those involving first-time offenders, it may be possible to obtain a pretrial diversion outcome. With a pretrial diversion, the case is put on hold pending the successful completion of the program. Then the charge is dismissed.

Our firm has helped many people obtain these types of outcomes. If you qualify, we will work with the prosecutor to obtain this option for you. We may be able to expunge/erase charges and clear your record.

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Theft, burglary & robbery criminal defense Attorneys in Chattanooga Tennessee